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Finest Italian Food 

Lapa zero thoughts,  
forget the rest 

Welcome, on our site you will find all the information regarding our products and our services, but above all to fully understand our work philosophy. Since opening in 2016, our mission has been the full satisfaction of the customer, for us it is important to always guarantee products of excellent quality and excellent service tailored to their needs. we therefore listened to them  requests, even those that confronted us with challenges. Thus was born this reality in which we tried to combine the ancient work of the warehouse,  made of experience and professionalism, a continuous research of products and the study of an increasingly demanding market, combining everything with the flexibility of services such as deliveries that do not have set days but are always tailored to the needs of the customer. contact us to find out more about our services and find out how we can help you.

"Thanks to his professionalism, we have always managed to stay ahead of others with a quality speech."

"We were lucky that on our journey we met Lapa, a serious and reliable company, which has always recommended us excellent products"

Raffaele Tromiro
Raffaele Tromiro

"We are looking for the true Italian spirit, that's why we work with Lapa"

"In a very short time they manage to satisfy me, many times I need unusual products for our theme nights, and Lapa takes care of them"

"For us cooks it is one of the most important things to find a company that follows you and that comes to meet you"

Paolo Colombo Chef of the kitchen 

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"The products are really excellent whatever I need, they can find me everything."

"The availability is unique, not having a person to lean on falls on my shoulders and they instead help me to solve any problem, even at the last minute they help me to solve if a problem arises."

Annarita Parisi
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Don Leone Group 


"Since the restaurant is new, I have recently collaborated with Lapa, but I am happy to be able to speak with Paolo who gives me advice on the products and from whom I draw inspiration"

"..... he happened to make orders even very late, at one in the morning, and to receive everything in any case the next morning .."


Domenico Amato known as "Gigi"

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